Kiersten Vroman, trainer, showing Chapman in Level 2 at Stockade Polo & Saddle Club, September 2018.

Kiersten Vroman is the primary trainer at Vertical and has extensive experience in the equestrian world. Her primary focus is dressage and eventing.

Head trainer Kiersten Vroman grew up with horses in Chatham, NY. She is well-versed in equine health and well-being, and has a strong foundation in dressage and eventing. She is currently working towards her USDA Instructor Certification and plans to be certified in 2019.

Kiersten Vroman strives to build confidence in every horse she works with. Horses come for training for a variety of reasons – from being trained for competition to becoming a safe and reliable companion. Regardless of the reason, Kiersten works tirelessly with every owner to create an individualized training plan specific to the end goal.

Training rides are priced at $55 per ride.